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XP-Passengers ALPHA 0.5 (21-09-09)

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XP-Passengers ALPHA 0.5 (21-09-09)

Mensaje  737Dragon el Jue Oct 29, 2009 4:12 am

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Se trata de una version , algo mas pobre, pero en desarrollo de la aplicacion para el FS9\FSX del Passengers
XP-Passengers ALPHA 0.5 (21-09-09)

Dear Pilots.

SORRY, THIS IS FOR WINDOWS USER ONLY!! Tested on X-Plane 9.31 on Windows (Mac and Linux version will out soon)

XP-Passengers is my first plugin i wrote for X-Plane. Imagine you can hear the crew's voice, passenger,safety onboard and intercom some command to your crews. Include knowing their attitude on your flight.

This it alpha version. I will improve it as soon as i can.

You can help me improve this plugin, i'm looking for Sound FX file in .wav format for
1. Falling items, breaking items.
2. Screaming passengers.
if you want to share these for this project, plz pm me.

Changelogs 0.5 alpha
- eliminate ALL duplicate click problem
- optimized plugin performance a bit.
- now warning message comes with timestamp.
- you can now view and navigate through your old warnings by clicking [<<] or [>>]
- windows now can be collapse to a tiny window by clicking [_] and restore by clicking [+]
- change some warning text when ascending rate is too high
- when you select menu During Flight > Serve Food & Drink .... passenger rating raise by 5%
- your crew will refuse to serve drink when ....
1. Your aircraft's banking too high angle (abs roll> 20 degree).
2. Your aircraft is descending (V/S > 300)
- Add sound crew refuse to serve drink & food (because of descending -- 14.wav)
- Add sound crew refuse to serve drink & food (because of weather, banking -- 15.wav)
- Your passengers rating will decrease if your descending is too high (-5 to -15 depend on your rate) --
- add more precision on internal conversion from metre -> feet (from 3.3 ft = 1 metre >>> 3.2808 ft. to 1 metre)
Thanks Hans_Petter for suggestion about descending Very Happy

Changelogs 0.4 alpha
- Now windows can be dragged with your mouse !
- reduce duplicate click problem (filter duplicate mouse event click).
- seatbelt in auto mode will turn on as in 747s
1. Fasten Seatbelt and No smoking sign will automatically turn on when landing gear is down or...
2. Flap lever is not up
3. airplane altitude < 10300 ft AGL .
- seatbelt will turn off automatically when all of conditions above are not met or ...
1. You bank your airplane in dangerous angle.
- if V/S < -500 while above 10000 ft. AGL , plugin automatically play "Descending to destination" sound.
(Thanks Falcon for information about seatbelt on 747s)

Changelogs v0.3 alpha
- Able to read V/S from dataref.
- Able to read roll angle from dataref
- Able to read seatbelt status from cockpit.
- remove annoying plugin path at bottommost of console
- You can click on menu to change seatbelts mode to Auto / Manual
- Add sound "Unfasten Seatbelts"
- If your seatbelt is in auto mode, seatbelt sign will appear automatically when airplane bank angle a bit high (>35 degree)
- If your seatbelt is in auto mode, seatbelt sign will turn off automatically when absolute V/S < 200 and absolute bank angle < 3 degree.
- Sound list in the menu now link with seatbelt function on the plane. When you open sound "Cabin Crew Prepare to take off, Fastten Seatbelt, Cabin Crew Prepare for landing, Descend to destination", the seatbelt sign button on airplane will turn on automatically.
- Passenger scoring system : your score will start with 80
You will get score if --
1. Play welcome on board sound before take off (Only once per flight) (+5)
2. Play safety on board VDO before take off (Only once per flight) (+5)
Your score will decrease if --
1. Steep rate too high in take off and climbing -- V/S 2500 ~ 3500 (-5)
2. Steep rate dangerously high in take off and climbing-- V/S 3500 ~ 5000 (-12)
3. Steep rate deadly in take off and climbing-- V/S > 5000 (-12)
4. Rolling your aircraft more than 40 degree (-5 with seatbelt, -10 w/o seatbelt)
5. Rolling your aircraft more than 50 degree (-12 with seatbelt, -25 w/o seatbelt)
It's for testing. Please comment and suggest for scoring system. I will make it more complex.

Changelogs v0.2 alpha
- Add more sounds (Cabin crew at your station, Decending to destination, Cabin crews prepare for landing, After landing)
- Group sound playback list into 3 menus (Before, During flight and After landing)
- Sound files are now placed in directory "XPPassengers Resources" inside your x-system plugin folder.
- Remove some appearing numbers, windows flickering bug when click on menu.

To do list.
- Switch to use OpenAL library instead of mmsystem.dll for cross-platform compatibility.
- Passengers status
- more sounds, more effects.
- make console able to move, drag and minimize.
- Compile source for Mac and Linux users.
.... and much more will be listed here .....

1. Put XPPassengers.xpl and "XPPassengers Resources" directory to your Resources\plugins located in your x-plane directory.
2. Start X-Plane. You should see a panel at your left.

Please note
1. Default voice files are from Thai Air Int'l.(Thai/English Language) You may replace each wav file with another file of your choice but file shouldn't bigger than 600kb or it may not be played (see sound files detail below).
2. I will group some menu choices and make more voice playback option in the next version.
3. Please feel free to comment.

Sound List
1.wav Welcome on board
2.wav Safety on board VDO
3.wav Cabin crews prepare for take off (cpt. voice)
4.wav Serving food.
5.wav Fasten your seatbelt.
6.wav Cancel destination.
7.wav Unboarding plane. (cpt. voice)
8.wav Cabin crews at your station. (cpt. voice)
9.wav ----- reserved ------
10.wav Descending to destination
11.wav Cabin crews prepare for landing.
12.wav After landing. (thanks from airline)
13.wav Unfasten seatbelt

Have Fun.
Banpot Dolwithayakul

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