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Mensaje  k9dog el Sáb Nov 07, 2009 1:47 pm

Hola a todos, Smile

Debajo tenéis el anuncio de Austin Mayer, sobre el lanzamiento de dos nuevos productos para aquellos con IPhone: el X-Plane Glider y X-plane Apolo.

El X-Plane Glider, en un simulador de un velero y el X-plane Apolo un simulador del Apolo 11.

El que tenga el IPhone, y tiempo que nos cuente que tal va...



X-Plane GLIDER and X-Plane APOLLO are now here for iPhone and iPodTouch!
You can get them at the AppStore now!
X-Plane APOLLO is a realistic simulation of the Apollo-11 mission, complete with docking with command module and full lunar landing simulation, right down to the ACTUAL audio from mission control that was transmitted on the real mission.
X-Plane GLIDER is a pretty darn realistic glider simulation for the iPhone... You start with a glider-tow pulling you loft, and then turn the tow-rope loose for ridge-lift soaring... it is fun as heck! (Be sure to hold position behind the towplane carefully.. if you veer off to the side when under tow it will yank the tail of the towplane around, possibly inciting a spin of the towplane!)
Anyhoo, see the AppStore for the X-Plane suite of apps, or click on the links below to take you right to them.




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