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Fokker F100 WS

Mensaje  737Dragon el Vie Mar 05, 2010 5:09 pm

Una maravilla de Fokker F100, recomendado XP9.45. Checklist incluido.

The success of the ATR72-500WS BINTER made us to work at a new model. As the Fokker F100 is operated by a lot of VAs we decided to work on this model. The original model was made by Christian Riverie. The new cockpit, the panels, the system improvements and the liveries have been made by Tom Weber and Hartmut Krüger.

Few Words before you download this model: please read it - do not ignore it...

1) The Fokker F100 WS is for xplane enthusiasts. To operate it you have to know xplane and maybe a bit of planemaker!

2) This plane is not made for loading with running engines! If you try this the whole logic will not work. This plane is only made for simmers who want to have more system depth then normally available in xplane freeware models. If you want just fly around and want to have a plane which will work after loading with running engines - DO NOT USE THIS ONE!!! (accordingly to this fact airborn loading 10nm or 3nm from the RW is not possible - you will miss the pilots flight director)

3)As it is a WS panel you have to experiment with your screen resolution. The model comes by default with 1280x820. But of course you can choose other resolutions but you have to change the view in planemaker.
(Planemaker/Viewpoint/View/amount the panel is scrolled down from the top

4) Instead of a FCOM you will find links below to short videos on youtube. I explain the systems in few words (if you are familiar with xplane and jets you will understand) This Video is not made to explain how to use xplane or how to "fly" a jet - it is just to explain how the system works. Therefore you find two parts. Part1 explains the Panels and the Pedastal, Part2 explains the StartUp with TakeOff and Initial Climb by just following the included CLIST. Do not expect a tutorial for flying jets in xplane. Part2 will come in 4 pieces. Please watch all 5 movies! We are not able to give more support! And sorry for my bad english I gave my very best :-)

Part1 The Panel and Pedastal

Part2/1 StartUp, Takeoff. Inintial Climb

Part2/2 StartUp, Takeoff. Inintial Climb

[youtube][Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

Part2/3 StartUp, Takeoff. Inintial Climb

[youtube][Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

Part2/4 What I did forgot to say....

Descarga directa desde el XP:ORG (Nueva aportacion de LuisAngel de )
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]


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